Locking Refrigerant Caps

  • Protect against refrigerant theft and inhalant abuse
  • Meet the IMC®, IRC® and UMC® codes
  • Protect A/C system efficiency
  • 5/16" available for ductless mini-split applications

Why Novent?

Instant protection against intoxication by inhalation of toxic refrigerant gas.

Special tools are required to apply and remove the caps, making it difficult for non-professionals to access the refrigerant.

Protects A/C system efficiency.

Meet IMC® and IRC® code with one simple screw-on application.


Corrosion resistant anodized aluminum.

Integral neoprene O-ring resists oils and sealants.

Torque limiter prevents overtightening.


serious injury or dealth resulting form the inhalation of dangerous gases.



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The Complete Solution

Novent R410a
R410A, 1/4" thread, key

Novent Universal
Universal, any gas, 1/4" thread, key

Novent Starter
Caps and Keys