Surge Protection Devices (SPD)

  • Protect HVAC equipment from electrical surges, brownouts, and other voltage disturbances
  • Protection from up to 60,000-amp single surges and up to 20,000-amp repetitive surges


Why RectorSeal RSH Series SPD's?

Integrated components, such as thermally fused MOVs and Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT), provide robust and compact protection. The circuit allows for 15 "hits" at nominal discharge current without failure and 1 "hit" at maximum surge current.

Thermally-fused components + Voltage range monitoring
UL 1449 listed, with thermally fused MOVs directly to the unit, providing the NEC's highest short circuit current rating (SCCR) to ensure the safety of every install.

Each surge protection device comes with an unsurpassed industry product warranty; and an extended connected equipment warranty, a two-year advantage over most peer competitors!

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The Complete Solution

Max. Discharge 50 kA (1 hit), 1 LED

Max. Discharge 60 kA (1 hit)
2 LED’s, Audible Alarm

Max. Discharge 60 kA (1 hit)
2 LED’s, Audible Alarm, Voltage Monitoring Circuit

RSH-50 Disconnect Boxes
Pre-assembled RSH-50 with Fused or Non-Fused Disconnect Box 

Whole home protection
2 LED’s, Audible Alarm