Acidic condensate poses a real threat. Without proper neutralization, it can wreak havoc, damaging metallic pipes, concrete, and most materials other than select plastics. pH-Pro turns what was once a potential hazard into a harmless discharge, ensuring the safety of both infrastructure and the environment.

SAFETY & COMPLIANCE pH-Pro effectively brings the acidic and corrosive condensate pH to a neutral level, ensuring it's safe for most materials and the environment. Rest easy knowing this product complies with code requirements.
NATURAL NEUTRALIZATION No synthetic chemicals here. pH-Pro uses a completely natural blend, offering optimal neutralization without introducing foreign agents to your systems.
EFFORTLESS MAINTENANCE Say goodbye to the hassles of repiping during maintenance visits. With pH-Pro, media replacement is a breeze. Thanks to our patented integrated unions, you can remove and replace cartridges without any need for tools.
PROPRIETARY MEDIA BLEND At the heart of pH-Pro is our proprietary blend of calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide, fine-tuned for utmost efficiency.
NO CLOGGING/CLUMPING Experience seamless operation with a design that ensures no blockages or aggregations.
VISUAL MONITORING Our clear tubes allow for easy visual inspection of media, simplifying maintenance checks.
HORIZONTAL INSTALLATION Standard Application Condensate travels through horizontal tube, passing through media, neutralizing condensate Bi-direction design allows the tube to be installed in either direction
VERTICAL INSTALLATION Used where space is limited Condensate enters through the bottom line and flows out through the top line, providing maximum soak time effectively neutralizing condensate Metal stainless steel screen positioned at the bottom of the tube keeps the media sock in place
MINIMIZE INSTALLATION TIME RTP Pump + pH-Pro condensate neutralizer helps increase efficiency and minimizes installation and maintenance times.
MORE FLOW Serpentine flow for longer exposure of acidic condensate to pH-Pro media for enhanced performance
CLEAR LID The clear lid allows operators to easily inspect pH levels and the condition of the solution, facilitating prompt adjustments and ensuring regulatory compliance, equipment protection, and cost-effective operation.