SureGrade is a hassle-free drain with easy on-site adjustments for a level finish. Save time with three adjustment points, and the pre-installed grate includes a protective cap. Use the Allen Key for precise adjustments up to one inch in strainer height after pouring concrete.

Savings Innovative design gives on-site staff the ability to adjust the strainer height post concrete pour. No return trip for plumbers.
Adjustability SureGrade's design allows adjustments to be done via three distinct points giving the ability to achieve a seamless, level surface.
Durability 1,500 lb load rating. Comes with a pre-installed grate under a protective cap that takes the brunt of any construction damage.


connect drain Dry fit assembly to pipe. Connect drain assembly using solvent cement (Pete™ 602L) & pressure test per local code
finished slab and floor Use protective cap for concrete slab pour, finishing, and final installation. Adjustment tool in middle of cap can raise the drain
finish floor adjustment After floor is completed make final adjustments with provided tool or a 4mm Allen key. Make final adjustments until the grate is completely flushed with the finished floor