The Ultimate, Monitored Water Leak Protection

  • Monitored facility leak protection
  • Designed to protect homes from damages caused by leaking pipes, water heaters, washing machines and other appliances
  • Easy, fast installation - No drilling and cable trenching required

Why TripleGuard?

TripleGuard sensors immediately detects leaks in the places that are prone to water leakage.

TripleGuard SMART is a true “wireless” system that runs on long-lasting battery power and your wifi network. No electrician, drilling, or cable trenching is required making installation quick and simple!

When a leak is detected, TripleGuard shuts-off the water source to limit, or prevent costly water damage.

TripleGuard SMART’s mobile app provides peace of mind while traveling by providing automated monitoring of the premises 24/7.


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The Complete Solution

TripleGuard SMART
Monitored facility leak protection

TripleGuard ACTIVE All-in-One Shutoff
Automatic appliance leak shutoff