Building Fire Safety: Choosing the Right Firestop Solution for Your Application

Understand the crucial role of Fire Prevention and Protection in Building Design and Construction

New Metacaulk CID Tub Box Kits Provide Firestop Penetration for Drain Pipes

Available with 2- and 3-inch Metacaulk CID, the tub box kits are designed to prevent the spread of fire from bathtubs or jet-spa drains to the upper level.

New Draft-Block Orange, A Fire Blocking Expanding Polyurethane Foam Sealant

Designed for Type V residential construction, Draft-Block Orange is an excellent filler that expands up to three times to fill, bond, and insulate a wide assortment of applications.

3-Year Limited Warranty Now Standard on RectorSeal Products – No Registration Required

"Our company is well known for offering innovative products, so it was natural to apply that thinking to our limited warranty coverage," said Jeff Underwood, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Rectorseal.