Cover Your AC Lines and Condenser

Cover Your AC Lines and Condenser

Finding the balance between functionality and versatility

Your air conditioner is an essential part of the comfort of your home. Homeowners and business owners may feel that not every part of the system is appealing to the eye or adds to curb appeal.

When it comes to finding the balance between functionality and versatility, Lineset Covers are a perfect blend of both. What are they really, and why should you add it to a building’s exterior? What are the benefits and why should you choose it to hide the linesets, insulation and wiring?

If you want to learn how you can hide unwanted wall clutter and finally decide to upgrade your curb appeal, this article is a must-read!

What is a Lineset Cover?

It’s no secret that getting your AC unit repaired can be expensive. But as an essential tool neglected for the comfort of your family, it’s not something you can afford to ignore. To help alleviate this challenge, lineset covers enhance the appearance and protect vital components of your HVAC system, while enhancing the appearance of your home or building.

Do you think the pipes, wires, and other associated components of a central air conditioning system are a bit of an eyesore? Lineset covers can help them disappear, so they don’t detract from your home’s natural beauty. Lineset Covers are available in multiple colors, or you can paint them to complement the exterior of your home.

Don’t let the unknown deter you from upgrading your home. If you want to take the exterior beauty of your house or building to the next level, a lineset cover system is an excellent place to start!

Why Cover Guard?

Cover Guard has redesigned the typical wall duct channels that have been on the market for many years. Its unique design allows the system to installed easier and last much longer. The patented adjustable system expands and contracts to hide wires, pipes and the refrigerant lines of your ducted or ductless HVAC system. Cover Guard is perfect for ductless multi-zone and VRF/VRV applications. The 4-stage adjustable covers expand to guard, hide, and protect more in a single channel than many of the other 4" systems. The channels and fittings are paintable, UV-resistant, and the entire system can be readily adjusted to include additional cables or wires at a later date.

Some of the features are:

  • Adjustability: You can quickly snap the cover on to accommodate multiple lines and even house a condensate pump.
  • Convenience: The protective peel-n-go film is easily removed. The pre-installed sliding zip-tie clips secure the channel contents. The cam screws are quick to lock with a 1/4 turn.
  • Durability: With thicker-walled construction, UV protection, and a glossy finish, you can trust that these cover guards will support your system for the long haul.
  • Versatility: You can even use these for residential or commercial properties and opt for custom wraps if desired. For ultimate blending and curb appeal, you can paint Cover Guard any color you choose.

Additionally, Cover Guard won’t release under pressure. You won’t have to worry about the covers popping or falling off. Instead, the more contents that are inside, the stronger the cover connection holds.

Creative Ways to Camouflage Your AC System

If you feel like your interior and exterior beauty is being held back by more than just your AC’s piping system, you’re not alone. You can incorporate several creative, appealing ideas to conceal the exterior unit for your home. Shielding your AC from the street or from the weather can be beneficial as long as you make sure the to maintain proper clearance for air flow. Don't forget, your HVAC technician will still need adequate access the system as well.

The AC Condenser

Is that big, bulky, outdoor unit an eyesore to you? Many people try to conceal their AC condenser. If it's not done by professionals, you can damage the unit. The condenser must breathe easy and it needs to be accessible by technicians when they perform maintenance and repairs.

Some great ideas to help safely camouflage them are:

  • Small fencing with a hinged gate will allow easy access for technicians. The fence can match your current fencing system or painted to blend in with your home.
  • Vertical gardens are an excellent multipurpose and visually appealing option. The garden can be just the street-facing side, or multi-sided as long as the unit can still be accessed.
  • Toolshed-like topped roofs are a creative way to use vertical space creatively.
  • Appropriate shrubs or plants can all be grown to cover your AC condenser strategically.
  • Shutter screens or pallets can be repurposed to create an attractive cover for your condenser.
  • is a great place to see creative alternatives.

Where to Start

Are you ready to upgrade your AC unit, so your home looks beautiful from all angles? Are you prepared to say goodbye to your unit's ugly pipes, wires and refrigeration lines? Do you want to set a baseline for improving your curb appeal, so your home better reflects your style?

RectorSeal offers complete lineset cover solutions to hide the unsightly aspects of your essential HVAC system. To aid in mapping out what your project might look like, you can find planning submittals and data sheets on RectorSeal website HERE.

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