RectorSeal Introduces Cool Braze Reusable Heat Absorption Putty

Cool Braze putty blocks soldering

Houston, TX, February 21, 2023—RectorSeal LLC., a leading manufacturer of quality HVAC/R and plumbing accessories, introduced today Cool Braze, the reusable heat absorption putty for the HVAC/R, plumbing, and welding markets.  RectorSeal is a wholly owned subsidiary of CSW Industrials, Inc. [NASDAQ: CSWI].

Cool Braze putty blocks soldering, brazing, and welding heat conduction and sparks from damaging nearby soldered fitting joints, piping, and valves. It can be used on a variety of surfaces and metals, including composite panels, rubber, and plastics. Cool Braze is especially useful for protecting reversing valves, ball valves, and TXV components. Cool Braze was developed to completely stop the transfer of heat up to 3000°F (1,649°C). It is effective when using MAPP gas, Oxy-Acetylene, MIG, TIG, Arc, and Propane torches.

"Cool Braze is a game changer for the many trades we serve," said Stephanie Welda, Director of Product Marketing. "Its versatility adds to the long line of innovative products for which RectorSeal is known."

While many heat-blocking putties are for one-time use, Cool Braze can be reused multiple times because its formulation is easily rejuvenated with a spritz of water before stored back into its convenient plastic jar. Cool Braze is non-toxic, non-flammable, and odor-free.

Cool Braze offers several advantages compared to using alternative methods to prevent heat transfer. When properly used, it protects copper, aluminum, steel, and all other pipe and component materials from discoloration, warpage, and distortion, even on thin metal. Cool Braze can be used to hold, align, and jig parts for brazing, soldering, or welding. In addition to absorbing heat, Cool Braze can prevent nearby drywall or wood from igniting, preventing existing fitting joints from unsoldering, and offers residual spark damage to flange bolt/nut threads, valves, and other heat-sensitive equipment.

Since 1937, RectorSeal has offered products that have built a steadily growing and loyal following among contractors due to differentiated and proven product performance.  Further, the company is often the first to tackle and solve challenges faced by professional trade contractors.

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