Shoemaker Adds Opposed Blade Damper Registers

Shoemaker Opposed Blade Damper Registers

Houston, TX, January 26, 2024 – RectorSeal, a leading manufacturer of quality HVAC/R and plumbing tools and accessories, has announced a significant enhancement to select Shoemaker brand registers. The new Opposed Blade Damper (OBD) allows continuous airflow when the register damper is used mid-position. Traditional multi-shutter registers have three damper settings for airflow: fully opened, mid-position, and fully closed. In the mid-position setting, airflow is typically distorted and often misdirected. 

Shoemaker brand registers with OBD have three settings, but in mid-position, the airflow does not distort, allowing accurate and continuous air control.  Proper airflow is considered essential to the operation of a ducted HVAC system, as restricted or distorted airflow can directly affect the indoor comfort level provided by the conditioned air.

“The OBD registers are just one more example of Shoemaker's heritage of providing differentiated products with enhanced performance,” said Jeff Underwood, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at RectorSeal.  “Even though we have an outstanding product line, we never stop looking for opportunities to enhance, improve, and introduce new GRDs.”

The OBD enhancement is standard on select Shoemaker brand products:

“RectorSeal is well known for bringing new and enhanced product technology to the trades,” said Stephanie Welda, Director of Product Marketing at RectorSeal. “The OBD registers deliver technology that’s a game changer for HVAC professionals. I know HVAC contractors will appreciate the performance and flexibility offered by the OBD enhancements.”

Shoemaker, a premium GRD brand, was acquired by RectorSeal in 2021. The brand offers a full product line featuring high levels of customization, including color selections and configurations. In addition, an easy-to-use configuration tool provides valuable support to RectorSeal customers. 

Since 1937, RectorSeal has offered products that have built a steadily growing and loyal following among contractors due to differentiated and proven product performance. Further, the company is often the first to tackle and solve challenges professional trade contractors face. In 2015, RectorSeal became part of CSW Industrials, Inc. (Nasdaq: CSWI), and it now plays a leading role in CSWI's Contractor Solutions segment.

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