The Three Advantages of Choosing Safe-T-Switch SSW Water Sensor

The Three Advantages of Choosing Safe-T-Switch SSW Water Sensor

A safe way to protect your home from water damage

A wet switch is a condensate switch that uses a wetted probe to sense the presence of condensate. When the switch senses that condensation has begun to form, it will shut off the HVAC system, preventing any water damage or injuries. Wet switches are well regarded for their flexibility since they don't have to be mounted in line or on the edge of a pan. Let’s look at the three impactful advantages of the new Safe-T-Switch SSW. With its combination of features, this innovative sensor is poised to make a significant impact on the HVAC industry.

1. Advanced Detection with Auto Reset
The Safe-T-Switch SSW Water Sensor uses an advanced detection system that can accurately discover the presence of water. Instead of relying on a felt pad, the patent-pending SSW technology detects water by using an electronic circuit. The proprietary sensors detect as little as a 1/16-inch level of permanent water and automatically cut off the water flow by shutting down the HVAC system. This ensures that even the smallest leaks are quickly detected and prevented from causing further damage.
With its quick and accurate detection, the SSW water sensor will automatically reset after the water has cleared. No need to wait on drying or manual resetting, so you can be sure that the system is protected at all times.

2. Quick & Flexible Installation
The Safe-T-Switch SSW Water Sensor is designed for quick installation by a qualified technician. The SSW has no moving parts to break or become clogged, making it a reliable and low-maintenance option that can be placed directly into a metal or plastic secondary drain pan or on the floor.
The installation of the unique, puck-style SSW water sensor is convenient. The designed weight of the unit offsets the need for tedious mounting and will hold its position. Moreover, it comes complete with all wiring required for installation.

3. Visible LED Indicator
A red LED on the top cover of the unit indicates that the SSW has been activated. This makes it easy to tell if the system is working properly, even in hard-to-reach places. When water is detected, the sensor will trigger the red LED to illuminate. This will indicate to the user that water has been detected. It will reset automatically after the water is cleared. There is no need to press any button to reset it.

The Safe-T-Switch SSW is a reliable water sensor that provides an extra layer of protection against condensate damage for homes or business buildings. With its advanced detection system, quick and flexible installation, and visible LED indicator, the Safe-T-Switch SSW Water Sensor is the ideal choice for anyone looking for peace of mind. To learn more about this innovative technology, visit

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