Pipe Thread Sealants

  • Lead free, non-toxic
  • Protects threaded pipes and fittings
  • Proven as an effective seal for pipes transporting
  • PTFE enriched*

*Applicable to specific products, refer to the selector for more info.

Why RectorSeal Thread Sealants?

On-site chemical batch quality validation. RectorSeal thread sealants are formulated, produced, and tested through on-site talented chemical engineering and UL certified testing facilities.

Made in U.S.A. Our family of pipe sealants grew out of the tough Texas oil fields. Today we continue to develop and deliver proven formulas that go on thicker and stay put.

Wide selection of formulas with different features. From non-setting, soft set, non-hardening, slow drying, to fast drying and flexible set, feature offerings differ per product line to fit each contractor's need on the job site. 

Multi-purpose. Most products can be used on galvanized steel, iron, brass, copper, stainless steel, PVC, aluminum, ABS, polyethylene, and RTRP.* RectorSeal No. 5 is ideal for a wide variety of fluids and gases including portable water. 

Trusted since 1937, RectorSeal has a history of pipe joining chemical market leadership and innovation.

*Applicable to specific products, refer to the selector for more info.

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The Complete Solution

RectorSeal No. 5
Multi-purpose pipe thread sealant

T Plus 2
PTFE enriched pipe thread sealant

Vibration resistant pipe thread sealant

No. 5 Special
Low odor pipe thread sealant

No. 5 Sub-Zero
Low temperature, low odor pipe thread sealant, brushable to -35°F

PTFE enriched, non-setting pipe thread sealant

No. 7
Corrosive chemical pipe thread sealant

No. 21
Black, slow dry/soft set pipe thread sealant

100% pure PTFE pipe thread sealant tape