RectorSeal Takes Checkered Flag with TOSOT Bathica and Sopwith Motorsports

RectorSeal Ductless Solutions

Professionals across Canada and the United States recently met in east central Indiana to install a ductless heating and cooling systems in the Sopwith Racing Teams garage. TOSOT Bathica is a master HVAC distributor in the United States and Canada.

The entire racing team was thrilled to have the ductless heating and cooling systems installed in their garage. It was virtually impossible to install a ducted system in the racing garage due to its construction of uninsulated walls and ceilings coupled with no viable access to install ductwork.  Five units were installed, allowing customized heating and cooling in specific garage areas where the race team worked to prepare for upcoming race events. Rather than paying to heat and cool the entire garage, the team members can apply the monetary energy usage savings to improve the team's race cars.

The success of any racing team depends heavily on the pit crew, team members, engineers, technology, and (of course) the car's driver.  Speed, accuracy, and dependability are critical to winning teams during a race.  The same is true for HVAC installation.

RectorSeal products played a vital role in the installation process. The products might be considered as the pit crew to the installation team. It was indeed a race to install the ductless heat pumps quickly, safely, and ready to provide years of dependable performance.

Team members of the RectorSeal product team pit crew included:

The RectorSeal team took the checkered flag as the installation of products gave the winning advantage.  Ease of installation, quality components, and product performance were central to the team's ability to quickly install the ductless systems that will provide many years of outstanding performance.

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