Visit RectorSeal at AHR for Complete HVAC Aftermarket Solutions

Visit RectorSeal at AHR for Complete HVAC Aftermarket Solutions

For Complete Aftermarket Solutions and Game-Changing Enhancements, visit RectorSeal's AHR Booth First

Come by RectorSeal's booth #B2029 at the upcoming 2023 AHR Expo to find how to eliminate several top problems that can rob your company of time, effort, and money.

RectorSeal provides one-stop, complete solutions for condensate management, lineset protection, ductless accessories and support, GRD's, surge protection, water heater installation and maintenance needs, and more.

Stop by our booth and enjoy a hands-on experience with the new and enhanced products and support for HVAC professionals. Here are some highlights of the latest additions to our innovative solutions that will be on display.

The new puck-style Safe-T-Switch SSW water sensor is a reliable and low-maintenance option that can be placed directly into a metal or plastic secondary drain pan or on the floor. It uses an advanced detection system that can accurately discover the presence of water. Instead of relying on a felt pad, the patent-pending SSW technology detects water by using an electronic circuit. The proprietary sensors detect as little as a 1/16-inch level of permanent water and automatically cut off the water flow by shutting down the HVAC system. With its quick and accurate detection, the SSW water sensor will automatically reset after the water has cleared. No need to wait for drying or manual resetting, which means no hairdryer is needed!

The new ultra-quiet and ultra-slim Aspen Pumps Mini White Silent+ is a game changer offering superior performance and reliability. The stylish pump is designed to mount discreetly, in the shadow line, below a high wall unit. The pump speed adjusts with the flow rate to provide quiet operation and optimum performance.

Cover Guard Expandable Lineset Cover is the latest RectorSeal acquisition to the existing economical Fortress and premium Slimduct lines of lineset cover systems. Cover Guard lineset covers provide adjustable support from two to four inches with quick snap-on covers to accommodate multiple linesets and condensate drains. Cover Guard comes with no-rust hardened plastic cam screws and stay-clean peel-n-go film.

The new patent-pending Outset Seal is an adjustable wall sealer for ducted and ductless installations. With its innovative hinge style closure and flexible sleeve design, Outset Seal is a simple and quick solution that seals penetrations, blocking air leakage, moisture, and rodent intrusion. It is suitable for both new installation and retrofit projects.

RectorSeal is excited to announce that Falcon Stainless is now part of our HVAC and plumbing portfolio to further our water heater solutions offering. Falcon has been known for high-quality, full port, corrugated stainless steel, and flexible water and gas connectors. Using the highest quality raw materials, coupled with strict quality controls, has helped Falcon design and provide connectors with enhanced flexibility, and increased flow up to 30% compared with competitive products, and greater tensile strength.

Calci-flush standard tank water heater flush is recently introduced and the latest NSF certified chemical cleaner, developed and tested directly from RectorSeal’s on-site chemical lab. Calci-flush helps eliminate calcium and scale buildup, and restore circulation and water pressure in about 60 minutes. Using Calci-flush as part of a water tank maintenance program helps extend the life and performance of a standard water heater. With Calci-free tankless water heater flush, RectorSeal is now the one-stop calcium remover solution provider for both tanked and tankless water heaters.

AHR Expo 2023 is coming soon, and RectorSeal has been hard at work putting together an impressive showing of industry-leading products and accessories. If you’re attending the event, be sure to swing by Booth #B2029 to check out our latest HVAC maintenance and installation solutions. Our seasoned team will be on hand to answer any questions. Several cool product giveaways from HVAC Strong, HVAC R&D, and Service Mastery will be featured from this popular group of professional social influencers and podcasters. Don’t miss the chance to meet them in person and get your name in the raffle for a chance to win some awesome prizes from RectorSeal. We hope to see you there!

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